Question : Are you actually buying my mobile home?

Answer : Yes, we are not real estate agents. We will pay you cash for your home. We buy homes to resell them to someone else as an affordable home.

Question: Will I get a reasonable offer for my mobile home?

Answer: We will give you a reasonable offer for your mobile home, but it will be below market value. There are several reasons for this. We have the ability to give you cash in 72 hours or less. We are completely flexible with your timeline for you to move out. We will be reselling the home and we are dedicated to keeping our margins low so that we can help the next people buying your home. We handle all the cleaning and all the repairs. We handle getting your mobile home moved. We try very hard to make our offers a WIN/WIN for you, us and the next guy!

Question: Do you buy the land and the mobile home?

Answer: We can buy both the land and the mobile home or just the mobile home? We will give you both offers, an offer for just the mobile home and an offer for the land/home package

Question: How do you determine the price to offer?

Answer: We consider the location of the property. What repairs are needed and the current condition of the property? We then determine what's fair for you and what's fair for us?